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storytellersjem's Journal

21 February 1969
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Here to meet like-minded people with similar interests, especially those working on novels or screenplays (i.e. preference for fantasy genres as I dig the fairy tale elements).

Working on a novel now. Have some writing experience though as I won 2nd prize for a short story fiction contest. There were about 300 applicants for three awards (i.e. first prize was a guy who submitted part of his novel which was published)


. .. and working on a few screenplays, too. A former screenplay made the quarter finals of the prestigious Chesterifeld Contest. BTW, I'm listing this not to brag but show you I'm serious about the craft/art.


05/19/06: I received a writing grant that is covering 70% of my expenses until Jan 2007. Hooray. :)

08/31/06: Several of my blogs will be friends only in the future. I may soon make my LJ friends only, too, so, if you're lurking, now is a good time to add me before it's too late.

02/18/09: I'm on Myspace and Facebook more these days. Send me an email to get added.
LJ is mostly for reading the blogs of others.