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Storyteller_SJEM's Journal

19th December, 2010. 2:57 pm. What I've recently read, am reading and plan to read

 Yourself? Feel free to tell me yours and maybe I'll check them out.

Details below

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19th December, 2010. 2:46 pm. New gaming blog is up for DOW 2010


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6th July, 2010. 12:44 am.

 Apologies for not posting on here more.  I'm really on Facebook and Yelp the most and then Myspace and Twitter to a lesser extent.

You can find me at these links.  LJ postings will be minimal.








Current mood: hopeful.

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14th June, 2010. 1:28 am.

 I'd like to listen to some English speaking people with Italian accents (for a role I want to sort of play out on Friday).

Any ideas?  Online works better than having to get movies.


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28th December, 2009. 8:54 pm.

P.S. I tried cutting my previous entry but nothing happened.  The directions made it sound simple enough.  Maybe someone can help as I haven't been posting on here in almost a year.

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19th December, 2009. 12:31 am.

Ah, looks like you can post pics on here.

My question: what's the limit for those who don't have a paid account?

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11th November, 2009. 2:32 pm.

I'm wondering how to get tree sap off the hood of his car? I've applied the tar remover three or four times but I don't see much happening. Someone told me to try WD40 but I think that would ruin the paint job.

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28th January, 2009. 11:26 am. Facebook

I am now with Facebook.

Send me a message if you'd like to keep in touch there.

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25th December, 2008. 2:21 am. FALLOUT 3

Is it buggy or not buggy?

I've read several reviews on Amazon about the bugs and I'm just not sure if they're valid or the people are using old and/or non-updated computers.


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4th December, 2008. 11:08 pm. Gmail over Yahoo?

What are the pros and cons of Gmail over, say, yahoo?  I am wondering if I should transfer my email addresses from Yahoo to Gmail but it seems like a lot of work.


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